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Not Every Word Reaches Every Corner Of Red Dinnertables

Read between the lines and you might understand our 8 month hiatus on our website. Nuff said….
Stay tuned, stay wild and we will keep you posted on our weird little post title!


Delicious Amazing Mad Nasty

Now that is what we call a good day! Set it off at Festival Mundial in Tilburg along with a jam packed venue full of people ready to kick the shit out of their hangovers. After tearing that place up we ventured back to The Hague to go all out at Parkpop. Check out the parkpop shots done by Gordon Meuleman in our media section!

Supra Naturals

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One crazy ass day June 30th will be for us! Playing on Europe’s biggest free festival Parkpop and on Mundial Festival. If you bring the energy, we’ll bring the tracks and beats to match it! The Hague and Tilburg are ready, so it’s now up to you to get your asses over there and bounce with us!

In the meantime, check out our new baby ‘Wild Education’ which, for those of you that have been living under a rock, was released last month!

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